Aug 19, 2015

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Casinos Are Going Online, Big Time!


We live in the Internet driven world and there is no denying it and the companies that riding the wave of the new technologies are morphing their so called physical business model to online domain. Reasons are several.

First, player base is rapidly changing. In last century, players with cowboy hats were common rabble in them, ranging from professional gamblers to hard working people coming to Vegas on short weekend.

At turn of the century, they were replaced by lawyers, doctors, actors and other various occupations.

8haSo changes have to be made.

Great influx of foreign businessmen and people, especially from Asia, and money invested by them, change the gambling in US for good, bringing new tricks and customs on the table.

Also, competition are becoming fierce, because Macao, Shanghai and other cities are offering much better gambling conditions and multitude of games that forced hand on US to step up their game.

With all that, and bearing in mind that millionaires are born every second that are playing in absurd amounts of money, there is no place for mistakes and fight for every high roller is taking epic proportions.

Great deal of this high rollers are actually coming from online gambling sites. Number of this individuals are already staff of legends in online gambling communities and there are vast number of player looking up to them and they will spare no money to play side by side with their idols and role models.

As we now, casinos are very good at adapting to new circumstances and they did it very well.

Quick shift to online born new breed of profit and cheating on them are reduced to a minimum if not to complete halt. Online security is never been tighter then now and your money is safe on this cites.

Of course, common sense is advised.


So, what that basically means?

It means that now army of players don’t have to sit in a car and drive 5-6 hours to visit a casino to spend 200 or 300 dollars or ore, they can do it from a computer in their house and a money they would spend on gas, they spending online increasing a chances to score big on this cites.

And that is what a 21st century is all about. Demographics of players visiting online casinos are ranging from 21 to 35 years old and they are playing more that one game In offer. So, if they are tired of roulette just by clicking a button on their keyboard, they can shift to black jack, slots, poker and all of its variations, etc.

What this means for the casinos?

This is good scenario for them, because the only thing they need to consider themselves is online security. No need for pit bosses, just admin with basic set of duties, to stop foul language, tipping other players and other attempts of cheating and getting advantage. Most of them apply Only English rule on the chat to avoid cheating.

In the end, online casinos are safe bet for players and casinos them selves and its a way of future.

Spin it away!

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